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Should you make your own Strongman equipment?

I’ve seen several articles and posts about different DIY strongman implement projects on sites like Starting Strongman and vario…

Tips for your first Strongman Competition

As I think back, I believe my first sanctioned Strongman competition was in early 2010. It was Motor City Strongest Man, I was sti…

Hot/Cold Contrast Routine

Recovery is one of the most important aspects of a total training regime. While good sleep and nutrition are the most important fa…

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Warm-up to excel.

Whether you call it a warm-up or movement prep how you prepare for your training session is perhaps the most important part of you…

Blog 2

Make the Most of Each Rep

One of the important things I’ve learned over my years of training is that what you do in the gym isn’t as important as how i…

Blog 3

Recovery Top Five

Recovery is a vital part of training. Arguably, it is even more important than the training itself because adaptation to training…

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