Ironclad Performance Training  provides a range of strength and conditioning coaching services that make athletes better.


Our Areas of Expertise

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Mission Statement

To change lives through optimizing physical performance.

What we do

We at Ironclad Performance are committed to helping competitive athletes become more by elevating their physical performance. Most simply put, what athletes do is move; move very quickly, move for long periods of time, move against a heavy resistance, move away from an opponent, move towards a ball, or move towards a finish line. The high level of insight we have on movement and how it’s translated athletically combined with our understanding of how to get bigger, faster, stronger, and agile makes our coaching services ideal for athletes taking their game to the next level. We add value to the lives of athletes  by increasing physical performance and reducing their risk of injury. We have experience working with many different sports and athletes ranging from children to athletes over 60, beginners to national champions. We are confident that our insight and knowledge can help you overcome your goals while reducing risk of injuries.

Services Provided

To best accommodate our clients we provide four different coaching services, please contact us for pricing information.

Semi-Private Coaching

This service is our best valued option as it combines the attentiveness of a coach working closely with you and the intensity of training in a team setting. Our groups are capped at 5 athletes per session to ensure the level of coaching remains excellent. With our Semi-private membership each athlete receives a custom-designed training program built around their goals and coaching throughout the workouts. We offer 3 or 12 month commitments of 1, 2, 3, or 4 workouts a week.

Private Coaching

This is our most coaching intensive option and is ideal for athletes who wish to improve specific skills. Private Coaching includes 1-on-1 coaching and a custom-designed training program when purchased as a package. Private coaching is available on a session to session basis if you wish to improve a specific skill or is available in 3 and 12 month packages of 1, 2, or 3 workouts a week.

Online/Distance Coaching

Distance coaching is an affordable way for you to access the knowledge, leadership and feedback of a coach for those who do not have a skilled coach when one is not readily available. Our Distance Coaching packages include a custom-designed training program, analysis of up to five videos a week, accountability, and timely answers any questions you have. Exercise programs are delivered weekly, each week builds on the last based on your feedback and progress. This option is ideal for highly motivated athletes experienced in the weight-room such as Powerlifters and Strongmen/women preparing for competitions or for experienced off-season athletes who need to make specific improvements before the next season. We provide Distance Coaching in 3 month packages.

Team Training

We offer team Strength and Conditioning designed specifically for your team. Our Team Training services are highly customized to the needs of each team. From developing a strength and conditioning program to providing a highly qualified coach to lead team workouts we provide the level of coaching support you desire. Each team is quoted individually based on their strength and conditioning needs. Contact us today for more information or a quote.